Hello Darlings!

An apology is in order. I have been away for quite awhile. Family, career & life in general has been a priority as of late. And I have enjoyed every moment! But I am glad to once again find the time to express myself here & to meet and talk with all of you about one of our favorite obsessions: Video Games

All work and no play does make Jane a dull girl so I have found moments when I could kick back and relax with my console. I have to say though, that ever since breaking down and finally making the “upgrade” to an Xbox One, I haven’t found that one magnificent, delightfully delicious, digital masterpiece of a game that really holds me, motivates me, recreates me & makes me fall in love. Over the past several months I have dabbled a bit with Mad Max, Gears, Rock Band 3, GTA V, State of Decay & Witcher 3. All have their pros and their cons. And I will be discussing all of these in greater detail in blogs to come.

I still don’t have the gaming time I once had but hey!….I’m here!  & things are looking better on that front. Plus… I intend to share all of my gaming experiences, thoughts & impressions of the industry & developers & the lifestyle as a whole, right here.

So stayed tuned, my friends. The Neurotic Gamer is back!

Until next time….Frag OUT! xx