Took An Arrow To The Knee

Well, well, well…Long time no see, loves. It has been an incredible year in my world & I must say that I am happy to be here.

Late last year I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. In that time I have been through many different treatments, chemotherapy & lots of high risk medications. Since the condition is rare and not much is known about the source or the treatment, I have truly come to understand what “practicing” medicine truly means. I have literally become a human guinea pig and in no way at all has it been a fun ride. The meds, the treatments and the disease itself has taken a toll on both my body and my mind. Thankfully, since nothing seems to be working, I am taking a break from the medication and letting myself get back to as normal as possible before beginning the next course of action. Many doctors I have been through and finally I have one of the best in the country overseeing my care. He stands behind the hiatus. That makes me happy. Often the cure is worse than the disease. Today I feel that is true for me. I am feeling much better as my body rids itself of the medicinal chemicals that have been coursing through my veins for so long, changing everything that I have always felt and believed was the essence and core of who I am. It has been one hell of a journey.

I began this website to share my love of gaming, to share thoughts, ideas with other like-minded folks. I intend to get back to that slowly and surely. (right now I have picked up Witcher 4 again for 1st time in months. It is awesome!) I am so looking forward to the release of Gears4. It is not far off and I am glad that I am in a better spot medically so that I can play the shit out of it with my regs, whom I haven’t played with in months. If you’re listening guys, I really miss shooting grubs in the face with you! (virtually of course) And I am very thankful for the support you have given me over these past months. I love you. You know who you are. xx

I will get back to talking about and sharing with you my gaming experiences, darlings, but also I may spend some time sharing more personal things, things I have learned about myself, the people around me and the world in general while on this life altering journey I have experienced during the past year. I believe the purge will be soul healing & mind opening. I truly appreciate all who will hang out and bear with me.

Hope to see you again soon, my loves. Peace.