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Destiny Beta

Lots of people are super stoked about this one. Friends have been asking me daily, “Have you preordered yet?” Just about everyone I know was salivating for the release of Destiny’s beta. Honestly, I wasn’t giving it much thought. MMO’s aren’t really my favorite thing in the world. They feel invasive to me & cluttered. The marketing campaign was massive. Leaks and rumors about the outrageous amount of money that was spent to produce this game were enough to make me do a double take. When the hubbub is as large as that, I usually shy away a bit, simply because I am normally pulled in the direction of the unpopular & unexplored. I tend to be a nerd that way. (No offense to any nerds that may be reading this. I embrace my inner nerd wholeheartedly. A large majority of my friends are nerds or geeks on some level & I love them all the bestest & the mostest.) Needless to say, I was skeptical. But a friend gave me a code so I gave the beta a try.

Immediately, I was impressed by the amazing graphics. Activision has been in my gaming vocabulary since the Atari days. Bungie has become a household name as well. This, in my opinion, is the most aesthetically appealing game I’ve encountered to date from either brand. As with most MMO’s, your first assignment is to design your character. Choose everything from your class, race, gender right down to the angle of your jaw and the color of your eyes. I personally get too absorbed with this amount of creative flexibility. It usually takes me no less than an hour to hone my avatar to my satisfaction.

In the world of Destiny, you are a space traveler, a Guardian, in a futuristic environment, in a time where the planets and moons have become inhabitable until, of course, conflict and invasion of aliens becomes an issue. You run around space alone or with a group of up to two other players completing missions and solving tasks in the usual way, with crazy, upgradable guns of all shapes, sizes and calibers and with grenades of all varieties. And let’s not forget special powers…It is great multiplayer fun!

The Tower is the social meeting place on the game. This is where you can store your loot in the vault, check your mail, get orders, buy weapons and supplies, get a new jet bike or spaceship, pick up bounties and have encrypted goodies decoded. It is also where you will see other live players hanging out and goofing off. Sitting in trees or high on overhangs, you get a great view of this world. It is stunning! Avatars also have the ability to wave, dance, sit and point, so there is a lot of ass shaking and rug cutting going down at the Tower. It is definitely my favorite area of the beta and perhaps the full game. We shall see once I experience that.

The Crucible is the PvP area of the game. (Six on Six) Matchmaking seems very off balanced but I do not know of any PvP who has perfected that. Playing in the Crucible is both fun & infuriating but mostly fun. Hopefully, the hackers won’t be able to mod this one & perhaps the matchmaking will be a bit more precise & timely when the game releases.

All in all, it will be a great game to have in the library. I miss the beta already & I look forward to exploring the full game. It will definitely help to satisfy the shooter in me as well as my multiplayer desires. I foresee many hours of Destiny with my friends. My pre-order has already been placed.

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Pick Up Tha Stix, Brah! Let’s Dance! For The Queen!

When I started this blog, my intention was to write about all things Xbox. Unfortunately, with the intro of Xbox One, the gamers still existing on the 360 are hungry, on the verge of starvation, for new and innovative games to sink our teeth into. The are a couple on the horizon. Borderlands The Prequel (Gearbox, 2K) & Destiny (Bungie, Activision) are the ones I have my eye on for our particular platform. But the release dates are in the future. So what is a gamer to do on a chilly, rainy day after all the obligations & responsibilities of adulthood are taken care of for the day? Knock the dust off the old library, of course. There are always games sitting on the shelf, long neglected and forgotten, full of cheevos just waiting to be captured. And never underestimate the power of re-familiarizing yourself with the old standbys, treasures from the past that still have the ability to stimulate & captivate.

Today my friends & I revisited my first love, Gears of War 2. (Epic) It has been months since we have all had the opportunity to play together and even longer since slipping Gears into the tray. Rust, to say the least, needed to be lubricated and worked out. Like riding a bicycle though, it doesn’t take but one single hot minute to get back into the swing of roadie running, two piecing seemingly suicidal grubs, frag taggin’ flail swinging Maulers & chain sawing, ink throwing Kantuses in the face! Put this amazing game together with the incredible bunch of guys I hang with and it is an unbeatable combo of synergy, laughter and good hearted smack talking. Let the fun begin!

Frag Out!



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Hi…It’s Just Me

I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter, business owner. I am a siren, an assassin, a vigilante and sometimes Marcus Fenix, a soldier in the COG army. I am a matriarch. I am a gamer.

Xbox is my preferred platform. Eight years or so ago, my brother moved out of state. He & I are very close. We worried about how the distance would effect the relationship & how we would deal without seeing each other daily. He decided Xbox was the answer & purchased us both systems and copies of Rock Band w/all the instruments. It turned out to be a brilliant idea and an extremely fun way for us to hang out and have fun together. It also began my Xbox addiction….

When first encountering the XBL community, I have to admit I was very shy. It took my almost a year to even have the nerve to interact with someone I did not know personally. Eventually, I got over the stage fright and the intimidation, fought past the sometimes harassing and sexist hounds and connected with some fine people, who I really enjoy hanging out with, some who have become lifelong friends and some who even feel like extended family. Don’t get me wrong, I sing the praises of the XBL highly & often.There is no greater way to get all your friends together in your living room, all at the same time with the mere touch of a button….but as with everything everywhere, no matter how great the concept & ability, there will always be an asshole or two that try to make the environment toxic. Especially if you are the only female in a room full of sexually challenged males. (In the words of Cartman from South Park, “you have to wade thru a lot of dicks if you want to find true friends” … but that’s a subject for another day.)

Back on topic…

While playing Rock Band with randoms one day, I met Chuck (BigDawg) & his lady love. We all hit it off and began to play regularly together. He introduced me to Gears of War, a fantastic game by Epic Studios. He took the time & had the patience to guide me thru the game and introduce me to this generation of shooters. One of my fondest gaming memories is Chuck frag tagging the final boss, General Raam from behind while I ran around distracting him & his Kryll shield. Amazing! After that, I was hooked! A couple of months later Gears of War 2 was released and that was all she wrote for me. I was in love…. A total GearsHead to the core! And deeper for XBL did I fall. Shortly thereafter, through the game, I met some hardcore Canadians who were phenomenal! They played on the regular and were at the top of the leaderboards. They were kind enough to let me hang out & play with them because if nothing else I would go through fire and brimstone to revive someone and would succeed…everytime. I was good at running lol…and being a girl helped too, I think. Anyway, they were & are a great group of guys and they taught me a lot about wall bouncing, frag tagging and shooting shit in the face, in general. I truly appreciate them & the good times we have shared. They definitely helped solidify my love of the Gears of War Saga & my love of gaming with others.

As a gamer, I am deeply affectionate toward 3rd person shooters although I am willing to try almost anything. My collection contains a wide range of games, from rated E for everyone to rpgs, puzzles, interactives and of course, shooters, with Borderlands, Bio Shock and Gears of War being some of my favorites.

That is a little bit about who I am, an introduction of sorts. My intention with this blog is to share, instigate, discuss and discover all aspects of gaming & the people who love it as much as I do and to hopefully break down some of the stereotypical walls the world has put gamers into. We, as gamers, fit no certain mold. We have a lot to say, much to contribute and to express.  The topics here will be random. I invite anyone and everyone participate, evaluate & facilitate these meanderings as I grow through you.

I truly hope you will be dropping by often.

Peace ❤ Continue reading