Not Your Entertainment

The Kelswitch

Friday morning, I was browsing Facebook at work and I came across two disturbing things. The first of which was a message from the matron of our gaming clan that she’d had to cuss a random out online for a nasty message he sent her. The second was an article posted by Buzzfeed about a new Tumblr account to trying to shed more light on the street harassment of women.

I came across these things back to back and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect, because they tie-in to a bigger issue women face.

Boys, we need to educate y’all that, as Pink says, “I’m not here for your entertainment.”

Fellas, let me make one thing perfectly clear. My husband is the only one allowed to catcall me. He’s the only one allowed to tell me I have a nice ass, and that is because he’s my husband and…

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